Get Fresh Polish Foods and Baked Goods at Our Local Deli

Get Fresh Polish Foods and Baked Goods at Our Local Deli

Stop by our restaurant in Toms River, NJ for lunch

If you're craving classic polish foods like perogies, stuffed cabbage, poppyseed rolls, kielbasa and Zapiekanka, Gabriela's European Deli is the place to go. Our local restaurant in Toms River, NJ offers a range of fresh-made deli items and baked goods that will make you feel like you've traveled to Poland. We also serve Hungarian and Slovakian dishes.

In the mood for polish food? Visit Gabriela's European Deli today.

Join us for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays

Looking for a new go-to local lunch special? Gabriela's European Deli serves hot lunches for $9.99 every Thursday and Friday. Our hot lunches come with:

A flavorful main dish

A satisfying side

A fresh green salad

Come on in to our deli this Thursday or Friday to try our local lunch specials. You can choose from a variety of delicious main dishes, including pork and beef skewers, sweet and sour chicken, meatloaf and salmon. We also offer a range of sides, including mashed potatoes and rice.

We are also proud to serve our speciality kielbasa! Kielbasa is a traditional white sausage which is made of unsmoked minced-pork with added traces of beef and veal. We offer a variety so come on in and check our what we're serving!